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Lyfetrition Hyaluronic Acid Serum


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BioSil Liquid Capsules


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Amazing Grass Glow


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Bamboo Leaf Extract Liquid


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Day One Naturals Collagen Toner

Our Buying Guide showcases a collection of the best vegan collagen products. Supplement your body’s natural ability to produce this essential protein with collagen’s best vegan sources.

Support healthy skin with the best vegan collagen products to look and feel good because health comes first.

Human health is also more meaningful when modern technology avoids animal cruelty, precisely what vegan collagen is all about.

Check our winning collagen product against the runner-up and alternatives for anti-aging skincare with vegan collagen to extend your youthful appearance.

Best OVERALL: Lyfetrition Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Lyfetrition Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Do you need a mini facelift from one of the best vegan collagens around? If so, indulge in the facelifting, skin rejuvenating properties of this compelling product from Lyfetrition.

Your skin will appear noticeably brighter and firmer after a few weeks of regular use. Give your face a boost by combatting the effects of aging with this best vegan collagen product.


  • Lyfetrition has come up with a large 12 oz. facial serum that includes the nutritious hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin C, in a source of the best vegan protein collagen.
  • Get your anti-aging skin boost to lift your appearance naturally with organically sourced ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin E, and geranium essential oil.
  • Lyfetrition rejuvenates and revives tired skin with an ultra-moisturizing serum that repairs and protects every time you use it.
  • You will find that this best vegan collagen product reduces pollution’s harmful effects to restore suppleness and elasticity in your skin.
  • Watch as the fine lines, wrinkles, and integrity of your skin slowly return as your skin tightens.
  • This best vegan collagen also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • This product contains no harmful chemicals such as parabens, artificial dyes, or fragrances in this night serum.
  • This gel serum is suitable for use on all skin types.
  • Your skin should absorb this product so well that it won’t leave an unpleasantly thick, oily residue on your face and neck.
  • The guarantee of a complete refund or replacement underscores this best vegan collagen brand’s quality.


  • The manufacturers claim that this product should be used within a year but then send out orders of products that expire in two months after receipt.
  • This serum causes some customers to break out in pimples. Longer-term, regular use may resolve this issue, but the results will depend on individuals and how sensitive their skin is to certain ingredients.

Runner Up: BioSil Liquid Capsules

BioSil Liquid Capsules

Get your BioSil liquid capsules as among the best vegan sources of collagen possible. This product is a collagen promoter, meaning that it supports your body in producing its own collagen.

The benefits are excellent, as you can visibly track improvements over a short period of taking this best vegan collagen product regularly.


  • The liquid capsules are easy to take daily.
  • Each vegan collagen capsule contains a selection of choline, silicon dioxide, and amino acids to boost natural collagen-forming properties within the body.
  • It contains a ch-OSA stabilizing choline patent proven to generate positive results, including keratin and elastin’s natural increase.
  • As the second-best vegan protein collagen product in our Buying Guide, it is certified for vegan use, is free of GMO interference, and contains no gluten.
  • Enjoy positive results in a few weeks as you see your skin quality improve.
  • You will also enjoy the benefits of stronger nails, hair, and joints and notice that wounds heal quicker.


  • One customer complains that this vegan collagen increases hair loss but boosts nail growth.
  • Another customer states that this product is overly expensive for the contents.
  • Other people note that this product’s active ingredients are available in others at lower prices.
  • Product contents have an unpleasant smell.
  • A few customers claim that they have not seen any health improvements despite product claims.

Alternative: Amazing Grass Glow

Amazing Grass Glow

Amazing Grass GLOW produces the best vegan collagen supplements in a delicious selection of flavors.

Pop a few pills into your mouth daily to promote natural collagen production, which is close to the real thing when you’re vegan.

Enjoy the benefits of one of the best vegan collagen products that create health benefits beyond your looks.


  • Enjoy plant collagen at its best with organic ingredients that include vitamin C, DV plant biotin, vitamin B complex, and a selection of superfoods.
  • Certified USDA organic and free of gluten and sugar.
  • It is available in various flavors, including Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Rose, Mayan Chocolate, Tahitian Vanilla, Vanilla Honeysuckle, and Wild Berry Hibiscus, or you can purchase unflavored vegan collagen.
  • It is also available in Creamer, Digest, and Glow best vegan protein collagen product lines.
  • Achieve positive outcomes with this best vegan hydrolyzed collagen supplement.
  • Mix these delicious best vegan hydrolyzed collagen supplements with water, juice, rice milk, or other favorite beverage for a rejuvenating boost to your spirit and body.
  • Anticipate glowing skin and improvements in your sense of wellbeing within a short space of time.
  • Ideal for adding to nutritious smoothies when on the go.


  • If you don’t like certain flavors, such as vanilla, opt for another as everyone has their preferences. Fortunately, there are enough flavors to cater to all palates.
  • It works best when you mix it with a little warm water before blending with another beverage.
  • A few customers cannot tolerate stevia’s taste as a sugar replacement. If you don’t like stevia, try mixing the vegan collagen powder with more water to accommodate your tastebuds.
  • The unflavored version of this collagen powder is earthy rather than neutral.

Alternative: Bamboo Leaf Extract Liquid

Bamboo Leaf Extract Liquid

Bamboo leaf extract has many health benefits other than promoting collagen production. Other than discernible skin, hair, and nail benefits, this product is suitable for heart health and contains fiber.

Use this best vegan collagen product to enhance your health with rapid results.


  • It contains 70% natural silica and superfoods to enhance bone density and reduce wrinkles’ appearance.
  • Bamboo extract is also known for its slimming effects.
  • All-natural ingredients make this best vegan collagen promoter that includes moringa and vitamin C.
  • Experience strengthening the immune system when taking this best vegan collagen supplement, together with improvements in joint health.
  • Visibly improves the appearance of crepe skin with regular use.
  • It has a subtle grass flavor when taken alone, and the taste is indistinguishable when you mix it with smoothies, other beverages, or even salads.
  • A suitable addition to keto and vegan diets.
  • Made in the U.S. and is also a kosher certified best vegan collagen product.


  • This product is one of the best vegan collagen brands, accounting for its high price.
  • One customer notes that the ingredient list is not transparent and confusing regarding glycerin and silica quality.
  • The same customer questions whether the bamboo leaf extract is a whole or partial food ingredient in this collagen product.

Alternative: Day One Naturals Collagen Toner

Day One Naturals Collagen Toner

Last on our Buying Guide list is the Day One Naturals best vegan collagen brands for topical use. If you don’t feel the need for a complete body collagen supplement, this toner may be what you’ve always wanted.

This all-natural ingredient vegan collagen toner contains all the boosting properties you expect from a top brand. Instead of opting for surgery, try this product before going under the knife.


  • This best vegan collagen toner contains vitamin C, witch hazel, chamomile, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, and a host of other health-promoting properties. Experience the benefits of the best vegan hydrolyzed collagen supplements for topical use with this one.
  • Perfect for use on combination skin types.
  • Reduces visible lines, generates increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface, helps close pores, and enhances skin elasticity for a youthful glow.
  • Use the toner up to twice daily and allow to dry before applying moisturizer.
  • Available in three different sizes.


  • The only con of this best vegan collagen product is that it may cause skin irritation. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately.

Best Vegan Protein Collagen FAQs

Our Buying Guide covers the best vegan collagen, and it addresses FAQs that concern customers.

Is there really an adequate vegan collagen substitute available, and does it work as well as animal-based collagen?

What can you add to your diet to support natural collagen creation within the body, and what should you avoid because it compromises your collagen integrity?

You will find comprehensive responses to these questions below.

Is vegan collagen effective?


Collagen is the glue that holds connective tissue together throughout the body. It is one of the most prevalent proteins, making up around 33% of bodily proteins.

Slow degradation of this protein occurs the older we get, causing the skin to lose its integrity and vitality. The damage goes deeper as collagen exists well below the surface, extending the time it takes for healing.

Vegan collagen for ingestion is not as effective as the real thing. Vegan collagen consists of plant ingredients that promote collagen formation in the human body and mainly consist of the antioxidant vitamin C.

Manufacturers of vegan collagen include other ingredients such as amino acids and silica from various plants.

Some of these manufacturers now understand that rice bran soluble matter limits other nutrients’ absorption and have replaced this ingredient with antioxidants and adaptogens to improve product efficacy.

However, new vegan collagen mimics animal collagen and contains the same amino acids as animal collagen. Scientists only use plant matter to create this unique vegan collagen for topical use.

Scientists have tested this skincare product’s efficacy, and the results are impressive, making Algenist products and similar the best vegan protein collagen sources available.

The vegan collagen that scientists have created is comparable to animal collagen. Algenist has been a forerunner in developing this product which now forms part of their skincare line.

The outcome of testing their Active Vegan Collagen indicates that their products increased skin elasticity in the neck area by up to 160%.

Similarly, a 100% improvement was seen in skin firming in the cheek area within a brief 10-day period.

Not all vegan collagen is created equal. Vegan collagen promoters with vitamin C are effective but do not appear to produce the same results as animal collagen or Algenist’s Active Vegan Collagen.

Results of ingestible vegan collagen promoters are effective, but this efficacy differs between individuals. Variations are attributable to age, diet, and lifestyle, among other elements.

So, where one vegan collagen promoting product will work well on some skins, it may be less effective on others.

These differences are due to collagen promoters relying on the condition of individual internal physical environments, and as noted, collagen production decreases with age, diet, exercise, and environmental factors.

In short, vegan collagen promoters are healthy but not particularly effective in firming skin. In contrast, lab-generated Active Vegan Collagen is effective.

Know the difference between collagen promoters and lab-produced vegan collagen, and you have your answer as to how effective the latter is for skin firming.

Is there plant-based collagen?

You can only source actual collagen from animals due to the unique combination of amino acids found in animal tissue.

If you’re vegan, you need to use plants that promote collagen development, known as collagen-promoting ingredients.

Technology has, however, captured the unique set of amino acids in animal tissues and replicated this content closely in laboratories.

The outcome is that sourcing various amino acids from multiple plants gives you plant-based collagen that works well.

Skincare companies have capitalized on this invention, so you find many beauty products that now contain the best vegan protein collagen.

There have been similar developments in the supplement sector, which offers the best vegan collagen protein powder. Protein powders boost collagen development by supporting the unique physical processes generating this critical protein.

Many of these collagen protein powder supplements also contain silica, or you can look for supplements containing this mineral to support skin and tissue health. Biotin is another supplement that aids in skin, hair, and nail health.

If you are uncertain about the health benefits or issues surrounding laboratory formulated plant collagen, then it is best to boost yours with plant produce if you’re a vegan.

Even if you are an omnivore, you can contribute to anti-cruelty products by using the current best vegan collagen. Vegan collagen has undergone sufficient testing and is effective, so you have nothing to lose.

What foods are high in collagen?


Essentially, animal proteins are high in collagen, but many plants help the body produce its collagen. What people eat daily helps to determine how much support they receive to produce this collagen.

Also, the human body’s ability to make use of these foods plays a role.

The bioavailability of the nutrients that people consume determines how well the body extracts ingredients from food to support collagen production.

Equally, when purchasing collagen supporting products, these products’ components must be readily bioavailable to promote absorption.

When searching for the best vegan collagen protein powder or best vegan collagen supplements, check whether ingredients from these sources are in the product.

Here is a list of the best vegan foods that aid collagen production in the human body. There are other plant-based collagen sources, but these are among the most important.

  • Bell peppers contain vitamin C, an essential antioxidant for reducing free radicals, and capsicum, which is valuable for treating inflammation.
  • Citrus fruits have high vitamin C levels, promoting the generation of pro-collagen that supports the body’s natural ability to generate collagen.
  • Tropical fruits also contain vitamin C, and guavas are a zinc source, which is another crucial element that boosts collagen production.
  • Berries are another rich source of vitamin C, which you can include in a healthy collagen-promoting diet.
  • Garlic may or not be a favorite ingredient, but it contains sulfur which protects against collagen damage. Consume lots of garlic if you want to support collagen development but be careful as it also thins the blood. Choose an alternative collagen promoter if you have thin blood, dizziness, or any other ailment that won’t benefit from consuming large amounts of this ingredient.
  • Tomatoes are a rich vitamin C source, surprisingly adding close to 30% of vital collagen-boosting properties. Additionally, tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that protects collagen from harmful free radicals.
  • Leafy greens contain chlorophyll which also safeguards collagen from damage.
  • Beans consist of high levels of protein and often contain amino acids. Amino acids are vital for collagen production, as is their copper.
  • Cashews boost collagen because of their zinc and copper content, two more properties that aid the body’s collagen-producing function.

Other than plant-based collagen promoters, animal proteins are essential sources of collagen. You will find that the following foods contain high collagen levels:

  • Bone broths (collagen content will depend on the bones’ quality).
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Egg whites

Modern technology is slowly ensuring that you can access the best vegan sources of collagen.

Read labels before purchase so that you know precisely what ingredients these products contain and that you adhere to your vegan beliefs unless you are an omnivore.

What destroys collagen?

Collagen is a vital element of the skin and connective tissue in the body and needs protection. Natural collagen production decreases as you age, causing wrinkles to appear on the skin.

The body’s ability to produce collagen in later years also impacts natural healing abilities, creating other health issues.

You can care for your skin internally and externally to promote your health by avoiding certain behaviors and eating habits.

Free radicals

Free radicals are toxins that cause internal chemical changes in the body, with resultant internal and external damage to collagen.

Free radicals impact protein production and other vital bodily processes during an oxidative process, creating wrinkles, skin degradation, and other health problems.

Environmental pollution, the sun, and processed foods all influence free radicals’ development. Vitamin C is one of the best tools to fight this scourge and protect natural collagen production.

Manufacturers add this antioxidant to skincare products, supplements, and other food sources.

Cigarette smoking

Smoking cigarettes causes severe damage to collagen over time, not to mention the rest of your body. Smoking damages elastin and is also known to decrease estrogen production, both of which add to skin firmness and elasticity.

Smoking cigarettes is known to speed the aging process due to dehydration and is significantly aging for collagen. This habit also affects the heart and circulation, making smokers prone to heart and circulatory diseases and strokes.

The quicker you can ditch this habit, the healthier you will be.

Dehydration damages your skin

Mammals need to drink water to survive. If you aren’t drinking water, your skin cannot repair itself as dehydration promotes oxidative stress and creates free radicals.

Drink water throughout the day to maintain internal and external hydration. Use the best vegan hydrolyzed collagen supplements to promote collagen health.

Source the best vegan collagen brands to support collagen development and use moisturizers that nourish the skin and trap moisture within the skin to reduce this precious asset’s dehydration.


Too much exposure to harmful sun rays and UV light damages collagen rapidly. Protect your skin with moisturizers that contain SPF, clothing, and sunglasses to slow down the wear and tear on your skin.

Avoid the sun between 10 and 3 when possible for additional protection. Remember that 20 minutes of direct sunlight exposure outside of these times is essential to produce vitamin D.

Excess sugar is a killer

Excess sugar in the diet creates global inflammation, limiting your body’s natural ability to function and heal. Sugar also contributes to the development of high sugar levels in the blood, negatively impacting collagen.

One way to combat collagen degradation is to consume a rich diet varied in fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C and other antioxidants.

Another is to consume a plant diet rich in amino acids, which support healthy collagen production.

Being vegan equates to adequate research to ensure you consume a balance of vital nutrients to avoid deficiencies. Failure to achieve this balance can contribute to insufficient collagen production because of dietary deficiencies.


Boosting personal health with the best vegan collagen is now easier than ever. Check product labels to make sure that all the ingredients are plant-based.

Accept that vegan collagen originates from a laboratory and involves manipulating amino acids.

There is a difference between plant collagen made in labs and products that contain collagen-promoting ingredients that form a natural part of vegan diets.

Once you appreciate these variances, you can treat yourself to skincare products and supplements from the best vegan collagen brands.