Here’s Our Story

Here's Our Story 2

The BuyEatVegan team consists of passionate individuals who hold their own set of morals and values, each centered around the grand idea of veganism putting an end to animal cruelty, helping us live better lives every day, and restore proper respect for all forms of life besides just our own.

The mission statement of BuyEatVegan is to educate and inform the public about inhumane processes, alternatives to those processes, and make the argument that veganism can and will make a significant positive change in personal lives as well as bettering our society as a whole.

Here, we locate the best vegan-friendly alternatives to everyday products (some of which most people don’t even realize include animal cruelty).

Cruelty-free shampoos, vegan leather bags and jackets, and other products that can be made and equally enjoyed without harming animals in any way, shape, or form.

We understand that it’s difficult to dodge all the parts of the western world that include animal cruelty, which is why we made this site to begin with—to give passionate people a compass to find these alternatives, and live their best possible vegan lives.

BuyEatVegan is run by a team of multicultural individuals from various ethnic backgrounds and religious preferences, all centered around one goal: putting an end to animal cruelty in any way that we can.