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Bromeb Women Handbag


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Handbags For Women Hobo Bag Bucket Purse


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Scarleton Satchel Handbag


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Women Vegan Leather Handbags


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Dasein Women Satchel Handbags

In the past, leather bags were the most loved bags by many people. However, current trends show that Vegan leather bags are at gaining favor, especially from vegans.

One reason they are a favorite for many is because of their luxurious design.

Various brands and designs are coming up day by day. The materials they use in the making of the bags except for the pleather are environmentally friendly. The variety in the materials used is the reason each bag is unique.

Synthetic polymer, polyurethane, cork, cactus, and pineapple leaves, are the common material used to make vegan leather bags. These bags are, therefore, environmentally friendly with exceptional quality. Below is a list of the best vegan leather bags for the 2022 season.

Best overall: Bromeb Women Handbag

Bromeb Women Handbag

This model features beauty in design and color. What needs appreciation is the materials used, as it also improves the quality of the bag. It features a handle for easy carrying.

The unique thing about this vegan handbag is that it has a buckle closure. It comes in various sizes, making it the best vegan leather handbag since you can buy it depending on the size you want. Its quality and material choice make it ever clean.

Featured specifications

It features 9.45″X5.51″ X11.81″, making it easy to carry irrespective of your body size. Adjusting the size of the model is an effortless task.

It has various colors to choose from. The materials used include vegan pure leather and linen. It has a superior stylish design makes it more alluring to the customers. 

It features a magnetic buckle promoting the safety of the content inside your bag. It is the most popular handbag among users, as it has several components.

In each compartment, you can store different things, making organizing the content of your bag easy. This gives you a neat interior and makes it easy to retrieve items.

A substantial central compartment can accommodate your oversized items. The bag has a main pocket, slip, zipper pocket, and another to keep a cell phone.

The adjustable shoulder strap promotes mobility.  Its 49.5″ in length and you can cross shoulder it or single shoulder after adjusting it.


  • It features a lovely and also attractive design
  • A handle made of superb material composition, offering you comfort
  • Compact and spacious hence suitable for traveling
  • Simplicity in changing the straps
  • Adjustable shoulder hence compatible with many people
  • Quality materials used hence guarantee of service


  • The metal joint on the bag and handle gets spoilt easily if you carry heavy items
  • If you do not have a good memory, the many pockets may confuse you when looking to retrieve something.

Extra features

The two shoulder straps have different materials for more comfort. One is woven, while the other has leather material. You will, therefore, quickly choose the one you enjoy using. You will consequently love the hobo style.

Buying advice

Among the best vegan leather bags, this model outshines all. Buying it will guarantee you both its beauty and high quality. It is light and serves you for a very long period.

The customer service of the makers is excellent. You have a guarantee that you won’t have unsolved challenges. The different features make it the most popular handbag among users on this list.

Runners Up: Handbags For Women Hobo Bag Bucket Purse

Handbags For Women Hobo Bag Bucket Purse

These vegan leather cross body bags make for a perfect gift for a friend as it boasts an exquisite design and unique model. You will love its updated design and pure colors that also promote uniqueness.

The bag features an improved quality that gets amplified by the zipper. It’s, therefore, resistant to deterioration, hence a guaranteed long-term service. In case your bag falls, the items inside the bag are safe.

Featured specifications

The model has improved features of such best quality in terms of PU leather. The shoulder material boasts of first-rate material that offers comfort and long term service. The zipper quality is also superb.

Inside the bag, there is a quality polyester lining, contributing to the bag’s durability and strength. In combination with the outer material, this model is shockproof.

More about the model is the vast dimensions, which are 12.4″X4.7″ X11″. However, the handle is short. It is 7.9″ while its weight is 0.73kgs. Its shoulder strap is adjustable, and you can effortlessly remove it.

The structure of the model on the inside part is outstanding. It features a main compartment that accommodates several pockets. A middle compartment, zipper, and dual-slot pockets allow you to organize your things comfortably.

The capacity of this bag is large and fantastic. You can carry most of your electronic gadgets, an umbrella, a wallet, and others.


  • Large in terms of capacity
  • The inside structure allows you to carry many things
  • Perfect and quality materials used
  • Simplicity in organizing your products
  • Quality PU leather make
  • Adjustable/ easy to remove the shoulder strap


  • The leather looks ugly as it ages
  • It is not attractive when it ages

Extra features

The decoration used in the bag’s making is lovely. It is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to choose your favorite color.

Buying advice

This model makes a unique choice for all women. It is the best leather handbag to gift a person who travels often. Its large capacity makes it ideal for shopping and traveling.

Alternative: Scarleton Satchel Handbag

Scarleton Satchel Handbag

This vegan leather handbag’s lovely design will have you fall in love the minute you set your eyes on it. It has cross zips and pocket sections both inside and outside. An excellent shape design and softened material make it a pretty elegant model.

In terms of comfort, it is one model that outstands. The arm and the sides won’t give a bad experience or any form of discomfort.

Featured specifications

This model boasts of a modern silver design, making it unique. The bags come in various colors, which spoils you for choice. This vegan bag softness extends from the outside to the inside.

A synthetic leather that makes up the bag features a fabric lining that contributes to its beauty and softness. It, however, has a modest look both outside and inside.

It boasts of a large capacity of 14″X9.5″ X5.5″, ideal for carrying many things. It has two large compartments to make the model exceptional. One side features a cell phone holder, while the other contains a zipper, although it is tiny.

Handling this bag is another lovely thing. You will use the 27″ shoulder-strap for easy carrying. An interesting thing with the bag’s handle is that you can comfortably remove or adjust it.


  • It has a soft and beautiful structure
  • It is easy to carry.
  • Has large inside space and capacity
  • It offers both comfort and simplicity
  • Comes in various colors but of excellent quality


  • Holding too many things will spoil it
  • It has too many zippers exposed to damage
  • the outside pocket may promote theft, especially in crowded places

Extra features

The maker of this vegan leather bag guarantees perfect quality in each bag they produce. The bag’s design significantly contributes to its lovely attributes. Its smoothness makes each woman comfortable because the washed leather makes it perfect.

Buying advice

This model is a perfect choice when in need of presenting it as a gift. You will find it best for attending your dates, shopping, and your travels from one place to another. Its quality and material choice make it the perfect vegan handbag.

Alternative: Women Vegan Leather Handbags

Women vegan leather handbags

Talk of a stylish and attractive. This model will leave you wanting more. You may be tempted to buy several in different shades.

If you are vegan, the material choice offers eco-friendliness, while the capacity makes it best. The lovely thing is that there is no animal skin involved in making this vegan leather handbag.

Women who have daily programs will find the handbag ideal for everyday use. All beauty products and accessories that women love using will find a perfect place in this model.

Featured specifications

The bag is purely made from PU leather that is of excellent quality. It has a washed texture and vintage style, hence its beautiful look. It is of superb quality, ensuring service for a longer time; thus, it’s one of the most popular handbags you can purchase.

The bag boasts of dimensions of 13.5″X9″ X55″. Its handle drop is 6″ and has an extendable design and a shoulder handle that you can comfortably remove. When the strap gets extended, it goes up to 48″.

What comes along this model is a cosmetic bag of 11.5″X8.5″X3.5″. You will love it because of its rings that allow simple attachment to the shoulder handle. A unique thing about the cosmetics bag is an inner pocket.

The model also features bottom studs on its structured design. The bag will, therefore, have its shape maintained for a more extended period.  Its pockets are some of the features that make this the best vegan handbag unique.

You will find a center compartment, also an accessory bag. An interior pocket boasts of a zipper coin purse, making the model better.


  • This model boasts of high quality and a lovely design
  • The right choice of materials makes it a fantastic choice
  • Features inner holders in the form of bags that you can use separately
  • Several holders that allow you to arrange the unit
  • Comes in various colors
  • Shape holders that maintain the bag’s design


  • It does not have a fabric lining
  • May not accommodate so many things

Extra features

A unique thing about the size of the bag is its capacity. You will therefore have a choice to make about what to carry and when. No more lousy presentation as it gets old because of investment in its quality.

Buying advice

This vegan leather handbag is suitable for all circumstances. It makes a perfect choice for all dates, shopping, and purposes of traveling. The compatibility of your tasks gets further enhanced by this multi-use bag. You find it lovely to offer as a gift.

Alternative: Dasein Women Satchel Handbags

Dasein women satchel handbags

This model boasts of a unique style that gets accompanied by its design. It offers a guarantee of quality because of the material makeup and composition. Despite the heavy things inside your bag, it provides resistance to both inside and outside pressure.

You will appreciate the gold tone that is perfectly polished. Vegan leather, the material used in making the bag, offers you a long-term service guarantee.

Featured specifications

The model boasts of reasonable size with 13″X8″ X6″.  It is therefore adequate for carrying many things, including documents, laptops, kindle and many more. You will enjoy it most because the model has many specified places that make your packaging and arrangement easy.

The outer covering is of soft vegan leather that gets amplified by a full fabric lining. Together, they make the model substantial and very strong for service. An elongated shoulder handle makes carrying the bag an effortless task.

The model contains a handle of 5″ that offers the simplicity of carrying. The joints located between handles and the bag offer strength and the ability to accommodate bulky items. The zippers make each part of the bag very safe when enclosed very safe.

Protective studs are installed below it to maintain the shape. Chances of wear and tear get entirely minimized. Despite the number of things in the bag, it still holds a strong position.


  • The high-quality design that guarantees service
  • Quality handles for easy carrying
  • Large capacity that enhances the carrying of many things
  • Protective studs for maintaining strength and resistance to wear
  • Soft material for comfortability
  • A detachable strap that makes it easier to carry heavy items


  • Its rigidity may make it difficult to pack when traveling
  • When heavily packed, the handles get exposed to damage

Extra features

The hinges of this vegan leather bag are perfectly polished and shiny. It’s therefore not exposed to rust, hence unable to destroy the material. Snap closure is good for it enhances the safety of this model, making it classy. If you love elegant handbags, then this is the best vegan leather tote bag for you.

Buying advice

User reviews indicate that many people love this model. Having various colors for you to choose from makes it a dependable model.

Although it seems tiny in its look, it boasts of being spacious, making it suitable for traveling. Using it for daily routine tasks like going to the office makes it an excellent choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying Vegan Leather Bags

Factors to Consider When Buying Vegan Leather Bags

If you are looking to purchase the best vegan leather bags for the 2022 season, you need to consider the following:

  • Is the company producing the vegan leather tote bags availing the information about their website’s manufacturing methods?
  • Certification by the SA8000 standards and provides a conducive work environment for the staff.
  • If they have safety measures in places for the staff
  • The products used to make the vegan leather handbags. If you are environment conscious, then you will opt for ones made from pineapple, cactus, or apple peels.

Vegan Leather Bags FAQ

What are vegan leather bags made of?


Do you know why you should have vegan leather bags in your closet?

It’s because they are ecologically friendly. If you are vegan, this is your to-go bag, as it is not made from dead animals’ skin. Instead, they are made of innovative and sustainable materials, including apple peels, recycled plastic, pineapple leaves, fruit waste, and cork.

But the most popular product used to make vegan bags is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is manufactured through a process called polymerization, where molecules of vinyl chloride combine. They have an aesthetic feel, and they also make you look good.

Vegan leather bags can also be made from biodegradable cactus skin. Two entrepreneurs, Adrian Lopez and Marte Cazarez used cactus to develop leather. The exciting thing about cactus is that it needs very little water to grow.

Some vegan leather manufacturers also use pinatex, an organic textile made from pineapple leaf fiber or muskin, obtained from the mushroom.

The good thing is that hundreds of animals are saved from the pain of being maimed and skinned to make leather bags and other products.

Are vegan leather bags durable?

Just like any other bag, vegan purses come in different levels of quality. So the higher the quality, the longer its life. However, it is essential to note that when compared to real leather, vegan leather designer bags have a shorter lifespan of about five years.

They are also thinners, which is why they are susceptible to tear and scruff. But when you consider the number of animals you are saving and the lower cost, it is worth it.

You must take good care of your leather if you want it to last longer. Please do the following:

  • Always brush your vegan leather tote bag with a brush that has soft bristles when washing it.
  • If your bag has a stain, mix a little soap with warm water and gently wipe it off with a soft fabric. Wring the cloth of excess water and ensure that it is only damp as you wipe.
  • And since the vegan leather surface is nonporous, clean the surface without damaging the fabric.
  • Keep your vegan handbags away from direct sunlight, as it can cause a drying effect, thus cracking and speeding up the bag’s aging.
  • Do not wash it often, instead wipe it down.

Is Vegan leather just pleather?


Vegan leather bags are made of polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane, which are plastic-based, hence the name pleather.

Although it is still vegan, it’s not the best because it contributes to the global plastic problem. But if you are looking at sustainability and the most ethical option, it’s better than real leather.

What designer bags are vegan?

While not all designers are embracing the cruelty-free trend in their products, some of the best vegan leather bags for the 2022 season include:

  • The Cher, Barton, and Eloise satchel by Angela Roi
  • Classic Falabella and Logo Tote by Stella McCartney
  • The 1.5 by Alexandra K
  • Doshi Handbag by Doshi
  • Melie Bianco Bags by Melie Bianco

Why is vegan leather bad?


 Although vegan leather is good for the environment and animals, it has its downside, mostly when it is made of plastic. We all know there is a worldwide problem with plastics, particularly when the land into the seas and ocean, posing a danger to the water organisms.

You may wonder, is leather made from polymer vinyl safe for the environment?

No. This is because it is made from plastics, and they do not decompose. Secondly, the process of making pleather requires an excessive amount of energy, and it releases harmful dioxins, such as phthalates, which are detrimental to people and animals alike.

And since pleather is cheap, meaning low quality, people will tend to replace the bags more often, leading to landfills.

The leather’s tanning process requires chemicals that then leak into the environment seeping into water bodies. And since animals and people drink this water, this may lead to animals’ death and health problems in humans.

In severe cases, workers using the tanneries’ chemicals may have lung cancer and leukemia because of inhaling and handling them.

Do Vegan Bags have a weird smell to them?

Vegan handbags have a strange chemical smell. Most people describe it as a fishy smell that is extremely difficult to get rid of.

But don’t worry because you can use the following methods to get rid of the fishy smell.


It helps get rid of new or old smells. Mix equal parts water and vinegar, and then spray over the vegan leather bag.

Then leave to rest for a few minutes before wiping it with a soft, damp cloth. However, if the smell is powerful, wipe it with undiluted vinegar, and leave it to air dry.

Dry Coffee

It comes in handy for removing odors. Take a pouch and pour in the dry coffee grounds, then put it inside the bag and zip and leave it for a few days. Then discard the coffee grounds after removing them.

Baking powder

Sprinkle baking powder on the surface of your vegan leather bag. Leave it for one hour before wiping it with a soft, damp cloth.


Owning the best vegan leather bags is something every vegan is looking forward to. But, as you’ve seen, some vegan leather bags are bad for the environment. So before buying, do your research to ensure that you are not compounding the plastics problem.

If you are looking to buy the best vegan leather bags for the 2022 season, go through of list of products reviewed above as they boast of excellent quality.

The Best Vegan Leather Bags For The 2022 Season 6


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